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Aggressive, premier and unwavering…those were all words we used to describe the original Vigilante 2.3 and they still ring true about this updated Vigilante available in modern widths. Square-lugged knobs still deliver unwavering traction, yet with added height to ensure they dig even deeper into loose, unpredictable terrain. Increased circumferential spacing allows the tread to remain clear in sticky conditions as hefty outer knobs protect the sidewall while you send it down the chunkiest rock gardens.

Square-lugged knobs deliver unwavering traction in a wide range of conditions and truly excel in loose, rocky terrain. Substantial spacing between those knobs allows the tread to clear in sloppy conditions, while still protecting the casing from spiteful rocks.

Prevents knob flex and increases cornering support while also extending tread life. Enclosed siping provides the extra grip you want on rocks or roots without sacrificing on durability.

Tall side knobs are supported by an elevated base that prevents the knobs from folding under shamelessly forceful cornering forces. The siping arrangement has also been updated to increase cornering performance, while the tall height of the knobs don't hesistate to dig in under heavy braking.

Everything about the Vigilante was designed to improve cornering traction as a front tire. Aggressive outer knobs punch into corners while directional siping grapples with rocks and roots in both wet and dry conditions. We suggest pairing the Vigilante 2.5/2.6/2.8 with a Trail Boss 2.4/2.6 on the rear.

TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) is WTB's standardized tubeless system. These tires feature a TCS tubeless casing, which nearly eliminates flats and allows lower tire pressures to improve traction and comfort over a traditional tube-type tire.

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