Shimano M8120 29" Wheel Set

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Whether you ride your way down mountains, dusty off-road trails, or on long city streets, you know that performance, durability, and speed are everything. Experience real, high-quality cycling power with the Shimano DEORE XT Trail wheelset, rugged and built to last.

Constructed with durable yet lightweight aluminum, these tubeless rims are offset for balanced spoke tension. Double butted, straight-pull spokes are laced to center lock hubs with reliable, smooth-rolling labyrinth seal hubs. As a best of both worlds, the wheels are a simple setup that gives you reliable trail performance.

With an organic rim shape combined with the hubs' wide flange profile allows for a wheel with zero dish, and even spoke tension on both the drive and non-drive side. With a 30mm internal width, the XT wheel is the perfect match for modern day wide trail and enduro tires.

The new Shimano DEORE XT Trail wheelset provides you with reliable high speed cornering and faster acceleration which amplifies riding excitement. Be prepared to bring robust performance to any trail with wheels build for life on the bike.

•Reliable high-speed cornering
•Faster acceleration amplifies riding excitement
•Smaller spline diameter for 10T top gear by MICRO SPLINE
•Simple setup and reliable trail performance
•Rear 12 mm E-THRU axle
•Wide hub flange profile creates a wheel with zero dish
•28 J-bend spokes (2.0-1.8-2.0 double butted)
•External rim width: 34.7 mm

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