Serfas Lock 290 Mm U-Lock With Bracket And Cable

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Vendor: Serfas SKU: UL-290C


All Serfas® locks come with our Limited Lifetime Warranty to ensure your product is free of manufacturing and/or material defects.

Serfas® does not offer spare keys as locks are uniquely keyed during manufacturing. In the event of lost or stolen keys a new lock and key set much be purchased.


● Includes 3 Keys (1 w/ Built-In LED Light, 2 Standard Keys)
● Solid Hardened Steel U-Lock With Double Dead Bolt Locking Mechanism For Extra Resistance & Holding Strength
● Dust Cover To Keep Locking Cylinder Clean
● Rubber Coated Durable Finish
● Frame Mount With Quick Release
● 6Ft Vinyl Coated 10mm Thick Braided Steel Cable


● Shackle Length: 290mm (11.42 inches)
● Shackle Diameter: 15mm (0.6 inches)
● Weight: 1,723 Grams (3.8 lbs)
● Key Type: Internal Cut
● Cable:
6ft Length (183 cm)
10mm Thick (0.39 inch)
Vinyl Coated Braided Steel
● Security Rating: 7/10

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