Look All Mountain Free PIVOT 12 GripWalk B115 Bindings

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Color:Forza 3.0
Size:One Size
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The freeride Pivot ski binding sets the standard for control and release for the world's most dedicated skiers. The binding's Full Action toe piece and unique "turntable" heel design offer expert freeskiers a responsive connection between boot and ski for instant power transmission and precise ski control. It features powerful shock absorption and travel with confident retention and release for aggressive skiing. It's compatible with all traditional Alpine ISO 5355 and GripWalk® boot soles ISO 23223 A.



LOOK's classic PIVOT turntable heel design offers 28mm of elastic travel and rotates directly under the tibia, delivering elite-level shock absorption and the industry's most trustworthy retention for a significant reduction in unwanted pre-release.

Featuring 45mm of elastic travel and 180⁰ multi-directional release, the FULL ACTION toe piece delivers best-in-class retention and release and increased coupling strength (boot-to-binding interface) for maximum power transmission.
Longer elastic travel ensures more reliable retention to keep you in when you need. LOOK bindings offer the most elastic travel (lateral and vertical) and the fastest re-centering prior to release, ensuring superior shock absorption to reduce unwanted pre-release.
The shortened mounting zone provides less swing weight, improved response, and a deeper, rounder, more consistent ski flex.

LOOK binding components are designed to deliver industry-leading roll coupling strength (boot-to-binding interface). This ensures minimal roll before the boot engages the binding for the most efficient power transmission in skiing.

LOOK is the only binding brand to develop a true mechanical upward release that functions independently from the heel for the most effective 180⁰ MULTI DIRECTIONAL RELEASE in the instance of a fall.
GRIPWALK compatible bindings ensure perfect compatibility with two boot sole standards: - Traditional Alpine soles (ISO 5355) - GRIPWALK soles (future ISO 23223 standard)

Product Details:

SKU:                                                                FCIA066/FCLPC04
Ski Bindings Brake Width                             95 - 115 mm
Ski Bindings Din                                             4-12
Ski Bindings Heel Piece System                    PIVOT
Ski Bindings Heel Piece Type                        PIVOT
Ski Bindings Length Ajustment                    16 mm
Ski Bindings Stand Height                            19 mm
Ski Bindings Toe Piece Anti Friction             FULL ACTION GW AFD
Ski Bindings Toe Piece Type                          FULL ACTION
Weight;                                                            1105gram1/2PAIR

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