Ascent Outdoors has a long history buying and selling used equipment and apparel. We're passionate about getting folks into the outdoors affordably and sustainably. We buy used gear from customers and in return offer store credit for them to use towards future purchases in our shop!

The shop originally opened in 1996 as a used gear store that focused on second-hand gear and manufacturer samples, and that will continue to be a piece of Ascent Outdoors. Under our new ownership we are striving to create a multifaceted outdoor community. New and used gear sales support our ability to host events and continuously contribute to other wilderness recreation organizations in the Pacific Northwest. Any store credit issued on or after 11/1/2019 can be redeemed in full towards any in-store purchase (pre-tax). Previous store credit (prior to April 2019) can be used towards 50% of your purchase (pre-tax).  


Frequently Asked Questions:  

Q: How do I use my "old" store credit from the previous owner/business (pre April 2019)?

A: As of spring 2019, Ascent Outdoors went out of business and was purchased 2 months by Sandeep Nain and created a new business: Ascent Outdoors LLC.

 In order to meet financial needs as a "new" business, trade credit from the previous store owner can be applied towards 50% of your subtotal. For example: If you have $200 in store credit and purchase a $100 item. $50 will be discounted (pre tax) from your total and subtracted from your store credit. You will still have $150 in store credit to use towards future purchases! We apologize for any inconveniences regarding this policy, but this was a necessary decision to make ends meet.  


Q: How do I get paid for selling my gear? 

A: As of November 1, 2019 we have resumed to purchasing gear out right for store credit. Eventually we will move to a consignment model and offer a cash pay out. Currently, there is no timeline for that change. 


Q: Is there a time or day I can bring gear in to trade? 

A: We accept trades Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of each week and ask that you come in at least a half hour before the store closes. Find our hours here. 


Q: What items do you accept? 

A: We accept gear/apparel for climbing, hiking, camping, skiing (backcountry and nordic, no alpine/downhill gear accepted), etc. We do NOT accept safety equipment such as helmets, harnesses, or climbing protection. For more information on what we do and don't accept give us a call. 


Q: How much store credit can I get for my gear? 

A: We evaluate gear based on several different variables including but not limited to: Brand, model, model year, size, and condition. It is impossible to decide the value of an item without thorough evaluation. 


Q: How will I know what I will be paid for my gear? 

A: Depending on the task load on the sales floor it can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 48 hours to evaluate your items and inform you of the amount of credit we will buy your items for. If we are not able to inform you of your credit total while you are in store you will receive an email from us with that information. 


For any further questions regarding our used gear policies please contact us.