Tifosi Amok Crystal Smoke Light Night Fototec Sunglasses

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Amok is a bold pair of sunglasses with a full-frame design. With shatterproof Light Night Fototec lenses and side vents to prevent fogging, this adventure-ready set will protect your eyes from the elements while keeping you cool at top speeds. Amok is perfect for outdoor adventures, from mountain hikes to long bicycle rides through rough terrain.

•Frame: Light & Durable Grilamid TR-90
•Lens: Light Night Fototec – Shatterproof Fototec lens that becomes darker as surrounding light conditions become brighter
•Features: Vented full frame, adjustable nose pieces, and hydrophilic rubber nose pads that increase grip the more you sweat
•Fit: Large-XL | Weight: 31G
•Included: Zippered Hardshell Case & Microfiber Cleaning Bag

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