FRABILL Crawler Cabin

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A convenient and easy traveling spa, for your worms to keep cool and live freely. The ultimate soak-and-go habitat, that is rust free, can keep your bait alive, while keeping you casting them overboard.
  • Great for day trips-not intended for long-term storage
  • Fiberboard construction-soak in water prior to use to maintain temperature
  • Molded edges won't rust
  • Double locking single door access
  • Holds 1 to 2 dozen crawlers
  • Ideal to keep worms cool and lively
  • Simply soak the unique fiberboard container in water until saturated then add bedding and worms. The water's evaporation acts like a swamp cooler to keep bedding and bait cool all day
  • Empty the cabin, let dry, and you're ready for the next trip
  • Be sure to transfer crawlers to a Habitat system if you want to store them between trips

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