Flambeau Wild Bite Adventure Fishing Kit

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The Wild Bite Adventure Kit gives aspiring anglers the classic fishing adventure from start to finish - the fun of digging for worms, the pride in learning a new skill, and then the thrill of the catch. Permanently in-molded onto the lid of the fish-shaped tackle box is a stunning illustration of a popular American fish species - Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, or Rainbow Trout- painted by renowned wildlife artist Rick Hill. Each kit includes a 25-piece tackle assortment and educational pocket guide on how and where to fish for all three species regardless of the species on the lid. The Wild Bite also features a plastic, easy-to-operate spade and plier multi-tool. Snapped together the tool creates a functional trowel for young anglers to experience the excitement of digging for their own bait. Easily detach the handy pliers for safe hook removal, reshaping hooks, or opening and closing reusable split shot weights. For the next generation of anglers, the smiles start here. Let the adventure begin.

  • Available styles: largemouth bass (green), bluegill (blue), or rainbow trout (orange)
  • Functional, quick detach spade and plier multi-tool for digging for bait, removing hooks, opening/closing reusable split shot weights, etc.
  • 25-piece tackle assortment for rigging to fish largemouth bass, bluefill, and rainbow trout regardless of the species on the lid: x4 SZ-1 offset baitholder hooks (bass), x4 SZ-2 Aberdeen hooks (panfish), x4 SZ-6 offset baitholder hooks (trout), x3 SZ-2 snap swivels, x8 SZ-7 removable split shot, x1 1" bobber, x1 1-1/4" bobber
  • Educational pocket guide on how and where to fish for bass, panfish, and trout
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.

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