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We’re all a little Nutty!

Ding ding!Riding to school? Looking for something for the kids to keep them safe that they’ll actually¬†want to use?

Check out the new Nutcase helmets and bells at our Proctor store!

Fixie Fab

Finding the right bike for the right rider is our number one priority at Tacoma Bike. We take countless variables into consideration when narrowing down your bike search, so that we’re confident sending you home with the perfect fit.

Gift Cards

Available all year, our Gift Cards are designed Karly Siroky. They are available in any amount you like, and it’s easy to guess the right size. Just ask for them at the register.

Finding the Perfect Fit

What makes Tacoma Bike unique? We’ll not only find you the perfect bike, we’ll custom fit it to your body shape & riding style. Our staff has developed an extensive knowledge of cycling biomechanics and have helped countless cyclists improve their efficiency and performance through proper bike fitting.


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