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Second only to the frame, wheels are the most influential means of transforming your cycling experience. Try one of our prebuilt wheelsets, or custom build to your specifications.



Light, stiff, smooth & durable, Campagnolo knows how to design the complete wheel. Campy has developed the best-rolling bicycle hub in the industry, including ball bearings for NASA. Our customers love Campagnolo wheels because  of their stiffness and cornering capabilities; Campy wheels allow you to come out of the same corner faster than you would on any other wheel. We stock Campagnolo wheels with Shimano 11 speed freehub bodies for those looking to upgrade their bikes with our clear winner.




The industry leader in pre-built wheels, Mavic makes a highly-durable wheel with an exceptional stiffness to weight ratio. Used extensively in the professional peloton, Mavic wheels have made their mark in both competitive and recreational cycling.




Shimano wheels are known for their smooth-rolling hubs, high quality construction¬†and advanced rim technology. All that to say, they make for one heck of a ride. Utilizing the latest tubeless technology, Shimano wheel systems streamline your ride so the last thing you’re worried about is a flat tire. We find that Shimano is the perfect wheel solution for many of our customers, performance or otherwise.



Made in Eugene Oregon by Americans.





Our hand-built wheels can be made to any specification or size. We can build any hub to any rim, and help determine which setup is best for your riding style. Our shop staff have years of experience under their belt, and consider rider safety & performance of the utmost importance.


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